Campus Involvement

Develop yourself beyond classroom walls.

Whether you are attending university to prepare yourself for the holistic Career Outcomes needed by top employers or to grow on a more personal level, 鶹 gives you a unique advantage to get involved and gain real-life experience.

Participating in experiential opportunities helps you boost your résumé with in-demand skills and high-impact roles by the time that you graduate. See a sneak preview of the types of opportunities available to you outside of the classroom during your time at 鶹, right here on campus.

Clubs and Organizations

From iCLU Radio to Knights Hockey to various professional societies, a wide range of interests, passions, and communities are represented by our 100+ student groups. Browse our directory to find your niche with like-minded students on campus.

Directory of Clubs & Organizations


 Highlighted Groups

Green Club

Green Club

Green Club is dedicated to educating our campus community about sustainability, fair trade and environmental advocacy efforts. Through volunteer events and fun socials, we want students to know that they can make a positive impact on the world around them.

Lauren Graf, President


Being part of PRIDE Club means becoming part of our PRIDE family (regardless of your gender or orientation!), and that means always having fellow students to help and support you. PRIDE is also focused on learning, and at our weekly meetings we often cover topics of LGBTQ+ history, health, culture, and more. And of course, PRIDE is about having fun!

Alaina Murphy, Social Media and Outreach Coordinator
Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club

We began playing table tennis and became really interested in it. We decided to create a club to get more people interested in playing table tennis and provide the players with equipment, bringing people together through the sport.

Dylan Herrera, President


Student Government

Are you someone who likes to have a seat at the planning table?
Consider a role in one of our Student Government bodies to represent the voices and needs of your fellow peers.



Elected in the spring, ASCLUG officers lead the undergraduate student government to help implement programs and policies, and to formally represent the interests of all students.



The Graduate and Professionals Student Council (GPSC) aims at providing a platform to voice the expectations and represent the Graduate and Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals student body.

Service and Spirituality

Our commitment to serving our neighbors is equally enduring as our search for inward truths through interfaith perspectives. We welcome all members of our campus community to take part in this process together.

Service Trip

Civic Engagement & Leadership

We can help you brainstorm and coordinate service projects, connect with local orgs, and spread the word about your campaigns. Participate in Spring Break service trips and volunteer in the SEEd (Sustainable Edible Education) Project Garden.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

There are many ways for you to connect to the spiritual life here—worship, retreats, service, and more. We welcome everyone in our community, no matter your belief or non-belief. Be sure to check out our Community Cupboard, too!


Vocation & Purpose

Has anybody ever prompted you to consider not just WHAT you want to do with your life, but the meaning of what you do with it? Access tools and resources to embark on your journey of deeper discernment.


Leadership and Professional Development

In our tightly knit community at 鶹, you have a wide range of opportunities to stand out as a leader of your peers. Attain a leadership role or access preparation programs that give you the tools and confidence to you reach your next level.

Leadership Awards

Leadership Awards

These awards recognize those who demonstrate outstanding contributions to the community, such as advocating for diversity or exemplifying school spirit. Award winners are selected based of of nomination submissions and the Leadership Awards committee. 

Student at conference

Conference Funding

One of the best ways that you can develop yourself toward your professional goals is to attend a conference within your targeted field or industry. Our funding program covers a portion of conference fees to help you gain greater access to opportunities that call out to you.

Cultural Celebration

Senior Sendoff Celebrations

All graduating students are invited celebrate their academic accomplishments with their friends and families in this pre-commencement event! This event is open to graduating students in undergraduate and graduate programs who purchase a cultural stole.


 Highlighted Leadership Roles